Sunday, January 30, 2011

MSDS Sheets

It is a law that every manufacture MUST put out a MSDS or Material Safety Data Sheet for all products used. School's are expected to keep all these forms on file. The forms should always be somewhere where they have easy access. A great place to have the MSDS sheets would be on the wall in the photo lab. Material Safety Data Sheets for all chemical products, for all items, like film developer, and equipment, contain country specific regulatory information. If you were to get developer or any other chemical in your eye it would be a good idea to grab a sheet on the way out to the hospital.

Click to watch how to fill out a MSDS sheet


  1. I like all the information you have also. It's very formal and interesting to see and hear what the MSDS is about.

  2. Great post, thanks. MSDS sheets are posted on the wall in the darkroom - look for the red binder next to the white cabinet with the scissors and bottle openers.